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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Drain Clearance

Fully equipped vans to cope with all types of blockage

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C.C.T.V. - Surveys: Drain Tracing

Sophisticated electronic radio detection equipment to trace the lie of the underground drainage. Plans prepared and updated.

On-Site Audits

High Velocity Water Jetting

Cleaning / descaling of drains, boiler tubes, process pipework etc.
Variable flow / pressure ratios depending on application.

City Workers Sewerage
Services: Services
Pipe Replacement

Schools Specialists

Free drain unblocking whilst school is under contract


Preventative Maintenance

Individually planned and tailored packages to suit the needs and budget of any type of organisation.

Man Holding Pipe

Underground Repairs

Broken drains, burst pipes repaired.
New drains and services installed.

Services: Services
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